Leftovers? Pasta Mixer!

Fourth of July leftovers are still filling our fridge and we need to use things up. I’m slowly trying to come up with new ways to use leftovers to make meals that we can have for dinner and use some up. Last night I decided to use up the cut up tomato and diced onion from the hamburger fixings…. Added to soup would have been a great idea, but it’s so hot outside! So I went with pasta…Not the coolest either, but I didn’t have to cook it over the stove or in a crockpot all day.

With a little oil in the pan, I added the tomato slices diced up, the diced onions, and finally some diced up garlic scapes that I’d just got from the farmers market. While I was frying them up, I boiled a pot of water with pasta noodles. Finally, to my veggies I added a package of sliced nuts that must have come with a salad at some point in the past, that had ended up in the fridge and never been used… and some sliced up parmesan that melted in to the pan.

After the sauce cooked down and the pasta softened, I mixed everything together. Tossing the pasta in with the sauce.
Tomato sauces aren’t my favorite, but my husband likes them a lot. He seemed to really like this! I still have a few left overs to use up. I’m thinking a frittata for this weekend!

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

This was my second try at making Yorkshire Pudding. It’s great as a side with a standard dish, especially with gravy. I’d really like try it with onion gravy next time! I think the original recipe I made came from Home Chef? I have it in my Plan To Eat menu planner now though, so it’s easy to pull up.

This recipe is super easy to make. I used my blender to mix everything – but I keep mine out on the counter and it’s really close and super convenient. This time I modified the butter ingredient to use spray oil that I sprayed in the bottom of the muffin cups. The regular recipe calls for butter melted in the bottom on each muffin tin, I was working on the assumption this was to keep them from sticking and not to add the butter as an ingredient.

Our oven is still all wonky, though I have an oven thermometer hanging inside. I calibrated the oven to the lowest heat setting (20 degrees less than what the temperature says) and setting the temperature at 375 degrees, the over was still showing that it had heated up over 400 degrees. – I suspect mine this time overcooked some being at higher temperatures throughout the entire time. In the middle of working on other things – loading my car for a farmer’s market, I didn’t want to watch the over temp like a hawk and keep adjusting, so I went with what it thought 375 was.

The recipe I went with mixed 1 cup each of flour and milk and added 3 eggs. This batter was then added to the muffin tins. In the middle of filling I realized I should have used two muffin pans. Mine were filled more than they should have been…. but they still came out. I then put them in the over at 375 for 5 minutes – at the end of the 5 minutes, I adjusted the temperature of the oven down to 350 and baked them another 25 minutes.

Taking them out at the end of the baking time, they were done! I couldn’t wait to eat them, but wow they were hot fresh out of the oven. They don’t have a huge amount of taste, so I really want to try them with onion gravy. Time to find that recipe next!

Gas Stove

Building our current house – just this last August, I wanted a gas stove. For years now we’ve had an electric stove due to the house we’ve been in, and building gave me a chance to choose. I was so excited to finally get my gas stove. The cookies I love to make at the holidays especially needed a gas stove – almost 30 years ago I had to swap to an electric iron to cook them, because they just weren’t doable on an electric stove.

I’d love to have one of the large gas stoves with the grill in the middle and the double oven, but for now I’m just happy that I have a gas stove! That being said, 30 years of electric stoves, makes cooking on gas an adjustment, and the stove we have specifically set out to make it harder. I know I’m attributing feelings to a stove, but it did seem to be trying to discourage use. I love gas stoves for a few reasons that include not having to worry about breaking or scratching the glass, the flame adjustment, and the best part being that they are usable in a power outage. The first thing I noticed though with our new stove was that the flame didn’t seem to change on the burners when you turned the knob. The front burners (and we all know we have a favorite burner!) only operated at full tilt and I had a super hard time not burning everything. I’m sure I set the fire alarm off ten times before the final straw.

The final straw came when the using the stove and flames shot out the knob on the front. I, of course, screamed, my husband ran in and said why don’t you just turn it off – which he did luckily figure out how, and we got the gas turned off to the stove. Being only 3 months old, I located the warranty information and requested they service it. The knob had melted! When the repair person came, he had never seen anything like it. Several parts inside had to be replaced at the time, a knob had to be ordered, and he also adjusted everything to adjust the flames, and showed me how to adjust the temperature in the oven to get it working right. I now keep a temperature gauge in the oven just in case. As scary as it was at the time, it is a future funny story.

Now that the stove is working more the way it should be, I’m slowly adjusting how to cook with gas. Of course our fire alarm is about 5 feet from the stove, so any mistake is heard everywhere in the house. I’ve been trying to use lower temperatures – I think my gas stove definitely goes hotter than the electric I had, use covers more, and use the fan frequently. I also am super careful of boil overs, I’ve noticed the boil overs put out the flame on my stove. Any other suggestions?

I do have to wonder about them repairing a stove that obviously cost less than what they spent to repair it. – Though repairing the old is good for the environment.

stove knob

Air Fryer and Home Chef

We’ve been loving the ease of Home Chef meals, but my husband took over the cooking and is upping the salt and the oil he uses. Not to mention taking into account the difficulty on a gas stove that’s already tried to maime me while cooking – shooting gas out the front knobs while we were adjusting the temperature shortly after getting it (brand new)….

So I decided to try to mix the air fryer with the home chef meals! This time we had asparagus and salmon to be fried on the stove. – I put them into the airfryer, sprayed them with a little oil, added salt and pepper and set the fryer to fish. Perfect! It was a put it in and forget it. I did need to cut up and mix the tomato, onion mix that went on top, but no starting up the stove.

Stuffed Vidalia Onions

Anyone else love Vidalia Onions? I do! I also like sweet onions, but vidalia are special. I normally make stuffed green or red peppers or stuffed tomatoes – so it was time to give onions a try.  – My husband loves the stuffed peppers or tomatoes, but the onions are now my favorite!   Making these is simple!


I use whatever I happen to have, but I usually start with a mild sausage.  (You can use hamburger if you would like it less spicy).  I cook that on the stove to make sure it’s done, and throw in chopped up of whatever is in my fridge.  With the onions for the next time I think I will use my food processor to get everything crumbled smaller.

For this try I used the sausage with salt, pepper, garlic, diced up tomato, cheese, and the scooped out pieces of onion diced out.  – Other possible ingredients include aspargus, mushroom, corn, and whatever else you have in your fridge.  I used cheddar this time, but I have sprinkled feta on top before…  All these choices are yum and between this and quiche they are both great choices to use up veggies and things that are in your fridge and need used before they go bad.  – You could even use some egg in the stuffed veggies… or take out the meat and use soy crumbles, tofu, or jackfruit for some protein.

In this case I actually took little pans and put the extra and then put the baked onions on top after I finished baking it all.  (I tried stuffing cucumber but it needed longer than the onion and so it wasn’t baked all the way)….

I used 350 degrees until the onions were soft, and it was ready!  Personally I loved it!  But I can eat the filling by itself even!