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Geeky or what?

I had to laugh today as I got ready to leave to pick up my little one at school.  I ran in first to double check that my vacuum, Roomba was doing what he was supposed to.  As I checked he was running around our bedroom sucking up dirt.  As I left the room though …

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Little bits of leftover Crayon?

Kmart has a cookie pan for sale this week (7.99 normally 9.99). This can be used with all the little bits of leftover crayon. Put the crayons into the cookie pan and then put in the oven.  When the crayon cools you have crayons in great shapes (in this case SPOOKY)! 

Duh! Moment

I had to share though it doesn’t make me look to bright…  Before I do though I have to say I LOVE the car I’m driving…. I am currently driving my mother’s 2008 Prius.  We have a 2001 Toyota Prius (yes first year they came out in the US and I love it too and …

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Embroidery Machine

I finally got the embroidery machine I wanted.  I’ve been having fun making designs and trying them out on the machine. I’ve learned several things – from how to transfer a design to the machine to important things like bobbin color does matter.  I ended up with the Brother Machine.  The price was better than …

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Totally Tutorials

I just found a great site, Totally Tutorials This site includes craft tutorials and how-tos.  It has some really great crafts.  I did a search on screen printing (the search was half way down the screen – it would be nice to have it near the top), and I didn’t find any.  They do allow …

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