I just heard about this new organizer and wanted to share…..

This is great to make you new “Master Plan” for the new school year.  (I use Cozi but will give this a try)  It looks like there are mobile apps available as calendar and sharing.  I love keeping a to do list.  It even allows users to set up repeating tasks… That will come in really handy for the oil change that should be done each three months, checking the oil every couple weeks, changing the furnace filter (wonder when I did that last) and more…..
Check this organizer out at  Toodledoo.

  • Organize Your Tasks. Use folders, tags, contexts, subtasks and more to organize, search and sort through your tasks.
  • Improve Your Productivity. Toodledo’s hotlist, customizable alarms, and sortable online to-do list will help you remember to complete tasks on-time.
  • Go Anywhere. Get Toodledo on your mobile phone, in your email, on your calendar, integrated directly into your web browser, and more.
  • Collaborate. Easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo’s collaboration tools.
  • Customize. Select fields you want to use and define how you want to view your tasks. Toodledo is incredibly flexible and customizable.
  • Import Your Existing Tasks. If you already use a task manager, import tasks from many sources.

As soon as the Fall kicks in, normally there’s no shortage of appointments, meetings, play dates, and much more. Google Calendar is another great way to keep track, or really similar Mobile Me.  My husband will never check though, so we also keep an up to date calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  If only I could figure out a good way to make sure things get added to it… more excuses for double planning events. Though it won’t help with the events others plan and just send you the dates yet (that’s where sharing an online calendar comes in) – I wouldn’t share with the world though… Nothing like posting to the world when you house will be empty and for how long??? Great Toys for Summer Fun & Learning at