Auto Renewals

We just received a new marketing method in the mail this week.  A company we had done business with last year and bought their one year club decided to add an auto renewal – and add us to it this year.

We received a letter first stating our membership had ended and to call to continue – but then the next letter was an invoice with a payment method form for auto renewal and a letter explaining how to cancel auto renewal.

The company claimed that it was simple to just call them and let them know to cancel, but my thought on this is that I shouldn’t have to call to cancel an auto renewal I never signed up for.  I do wonder how many people just pay the invoice as opposed to going through the trouble of tracking it down. Additionally I had almost thrown away the second envelope unopened, knowing I wasn’t renewing. Doing so I would have missed the invoice.  Would I have been hit with late charges and more – and maybe a you missed the deadline to cancel if I hadn’t happened to open the envelope just in case before throwing it away?

It makes me wonder how many people just pay to save the hassle of fixing the issue?