Need Help with your Site?

Need Help with your site or computer.  I’ve been a computer programmer and instructor for over 20 years.  Now I not only blog but also help with website design, maintenance, and offer help with computer problems!

Blogger (or just want your own site)?

If you’re ready to make the switch and have your own domain, I can register your domain and get a custom site up and running in a short amount of time. I can even build your whole web site in WordPress, Drupal, or basic HTML, so that you can do your own updates. With your web site (WordPress or Drupal), you can add pages and images and change the text yourself after the launch. This is a very economical option, and your site could be up within a matter of days.

Website Facelift

Perhaps you already have a web site, are more or less happy with it, but think it could be doing more for you. I will give your site a facelift that will freshen it up visually and will ensure that search engines can find the right content. After the facelift I can work with you to maintain your site and keep it up to date.  I can also add functionality, such as RSS feeds, newsletter sign-up, and contact forms.

Regular Updates

Users stop returning to sites that never change from visit to visit. It is crucial that the content of web sites be updated regularly. Whether you are an artist adding new work to your portfolio, a vendor adding a new product or announcing a sale, or a consultant with news to announce, I can work with you on an hourly rate to make these small but important updates happen in a timely manner. I can also add easily updatable areas to your site, such as a calendar, blog, or twitter feed.

Examples of my sites can be seen at:

Tech Ed 4 Kids

My Roots Run Deep


Email: karla.andrew at for a quote or call 270 681 0306 (and leave a message and number)



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