Home Chef and An Air Fryer

Our family has tried several meal delivery services – everything from Home Chef to Blue Apron and even Gobble. They all have there pros and cons! Some switch meals more often and some seem to have meals that are more similar.

Recently looking at my recipe I decided to try my Ninja Air Fryer with my Chicken. I personally really don’t like standing in front of the stove with hot oil frying something while I try to find a way to keep the smoke alarm from going off. Even worse when the smoke alarm does goes off, which for our house is the WHOLE house. So this seemed like a great plan to try.

The first meal I tried was a breaded chicken breast. The recipe called for putting mustard on the chicken breast, then rolling the chicken in panko crumbs before putting my chicken in the air fryer. My Ninja air fryer has you turn it on and then wait until it heats up. After it gets warm, you receive a message to add your meat. This was at the air fryer setting for the default amount of time….. I think that was 20 minutes. While my chicken cooked I made the rest of the meal…. which really amounted to microwaving the corn with green onions, making mashed potatoes, and mixing a flavored butter. The chicken came out PERFECT!

Last night I decided to give it a try again with a salmon meal. The salmon didn’t need breading and only needed to be in the Ninja Fryer 10 minutes, but it worked just as well. With the chicken I had spritzed it with a little oil. Thinking back, I forgot that step with the salmon and it still came out perfect. No turning it over half way either. The salmon was skin side down, and it came out with crispy skin, and a great flakey taste. I fixed a mixed vegetables to go with and a flavored butter (with lemon and capers) to go no the salmon.

After cooking the Ninja air fryer just has a grill section and insides that lift right out for cleaning. I just finished putting ours back together after letting them air dry for the night. I haven’t tried the dehydrate and bake features of it, but if they are as easy, I need to give it a try soon!