Leftovers? Pasta Mixer!

Fourth of July leftovers are still filling our fridge and we need to use things up. I’m slowly trying to come up with new ways to use leftovers to make meals that we can have for dinner and use some up. Last night I decided to use up the cut up tomato and diced onion from the hamburger fixings…. Added to soup would have been a great idea, but it’s so hot outside! So I went with pasta…Not the coolest either, but I didn’t have to cook it over the stove or in a crockpot all day.

With a little oil in the pan, I added the tomato slices diced up, the diced onions, and finally some diced up garlic scapes that I’d just got from the farmers market. While I was frying them up, I boiled a pot of water with pasta noodles. Finally, to my veggies I added a package of sliced nuts that must have come with a salad at some point in the past, that had ended up in the fridge and never been used… and some sliced up parmesan that melted in to the pan.

After the sauce cooked down and the pasta softened, I mixed everything together. Tossing the pasta in with the sauce.
Tomato sauces aren’t my favorite, but my husband likes them a lot. He seemed to really like this! I still have a few left overs to use up. I’m thinking a frittata for this weekend!