Home Chef and Air Fryer

Our latest Home Chef meal was shrimp tacos. We’ve had a few choices lately that involved foods that wanted me to fry the meat in a pan of oil. I’ve been trying to go healthier and have gotten the Ninja Air Fryer – it’s really a fryer, grill, baker, dehydrator and more….

The recipe for this meal included shrimp to toss in a mixture of a flour type coating and seasoning mixed together. I mixed all the coating together in a bowl and tossed the shrimp in, stirring it around to get it all coated. I have the Ninja Grill and Air Fryer, so I set mine to Air Fry for about 7 minutes. With my fryer I didn’t touch any other settings and just let it preheat and reach the ‘add meat’ message before putting in my shrimp. I did then spray my shrimp with Canola Oil from a container I have that says it has a smoke point. Up until recently I hadn’t thought about the smoke point of my oil. I love olive oil and was just using it for everything! After facing the umpteenth time of setting off our smoke alarm – and ours is hooked the entire house system and super LOUD, I’ve realized it’s time to take into account the smoke point.

Air Fried Shrimp

The Shrimp came out perfect! The box also included tortillas, fried pickles, corn, cheese and a slaw type mixer to create for toppings. I laid everything out and we were ready to eat. The air fryer is super easy to clean also making after dinner just a little easier. I’ve been finding I can turn about half the meals we get from Home Chef in my air fryer with just a few little changes that make everything so much easier. The toughest part has been determining the correct settings and amount of time.