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Note: Our family celebrates Christmas – though we do have friends that celebrate lots of different holidays. For Christmas this year, my goal was to get gifts that my kids would enjoy, use, and wouldn’t get consigned to the never be touched again list.  My youngest was pretty easy, he wanted quixels, yokai watch, and …

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Holidays Already!

Has anyone noticed that the holidays are starting earlier and earlier? We went out to Toys R Us today to pick up a card and happened to hit one of the the early Christmas sales… I laugh because it’s barely November and definitely not Thanksgiving yet. I am curious when Christmas moved up to right …

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Common compulsive-shopping traps and tips on how to avoid them.

We’ve all done it!  Go to the store for milk and leave $100 lighter.  We all know that a trip to Target is never less than $100 no matter what you venture in for. Some traps we all fall into include: Compulsive shopping as a hobby or sport There’s nothing to do, or you’re on …

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