Duh! Moment

I had to share though it doesn’t make me look to bright…  Before I do though I have to say I LOVE the car I’m driving….

I am currently driving my mother’s 2008 Prius.  We have a 2001 Toyota Prius (yes first year they came out in the US and I love it too and would hate to part with it)….  Anyway the 2008 Prius has keyless entry and start.  You keep the key in your purse or pocket all the time and it knows when it’s near the car, in the car, and so on….

I decided to go to the grocery store and pulled in.  My mother was on the bluetooth talking to me and so I put the car in park and finished the conversation.  Afterwords I opened the drivers door and hit the lock, but it wouldn’t lock….  Oops, it won’t lock with the key in the car.  I haven’t locked my key in the car in the last 20 years, but it is a nice feature knowing you can’t easily do it.  So I hopped out shut the door and tried again.  It still wouldn’t lock.  So I dug out the key and tried several things including walking a little ways away…. Still wouldn’t lock.  Finally I tried reopening the door and fiddled with it a little more.

As a final resort I thought I’d turn on the car and then turn it back off to see if that helped.  So I got in the car and Duh!!!! I’d forgot to turn it off. Apparently it also won’t lock with the car running and the key not inside the car.  I’m afraid I looked like a crazy person laughing all the way into the store.