Sep 16

Blue Apron

Blue Apron MealWe are still making our Blue Apron Meals…  At first it was super nice to know what we were having three nights a week!  Now we have the Kelly Autism Program (KAP)  on Wednesday, so that knocks that night out meaning our schedule is off a night.  Our meals arrive on Wednesday but we don’t get home until 6… then it’s a quick meal. We end up waiting for Thursday to make our first Blue Apron meal. Tonight being a Friday will be our second meal and then Saturday for the third.  Mondays we always have Subway with KAP also.  So we are down to Sunday and Tuesday left to figure out dinner.  This should make life easy but I have to admit, sometimes I’m just tired, and then there are nights like tonight where I’m thinking that my husband complaining about the fact that most of the meals from Blue Apron have included vinegar has started to wear me down.  He is right! I wouldn’t have noticed or cared if he hadn’t pointed out.  Now 2 of the three meals this week have vinegar….

Do we continue or do we try another service?  Now I’m debating, and I’m starting to get tired, tired of figuring out dinner each night, tired of cooking something that can’t just be thrown in a crockpot early in the day….. something that doesn’t just require a few minutes in either the oven or the microwave…..

What to do?

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Aug 28

Steak Pinwheels

I decided to try steak pinwheels the other day!  This was something I noticed on TV – probably Good Morning America or Mr Foods, but it was in the background and I wasn’t paying immense attention…. just thinking oh that sounds good! So I thought I can try that.  Here’s my try:

I first mixed ricotta cheese, green onions chopped up, salamiIMG_5510 cut up, garlic and a anything else that I could find in my refrigerator that looked like it would go with.   This time there wasn’t a lot extra to mix in.  I think I also added some swiss baby bell cheese that had herb and garlic included.  And of course more GARLIC.  I smeared the mixture all over the rolled out steak I had gotten. I had a thin cut of steak, but I’d swear that the one on the show was a thicker butterfly steak – which maybe where my first mistake came in…..


After Rolling, I tried to cut the pinwheels, but my steak just mushed together…. Not the best plan! So I ended up cooking the whole rolled steak together. Putting the roll in a casserole pan in the over at about 350 until it looked done.

When taking the steak out of the over we tried to cut it again….  Hmmmm mush again. So we ended up eating torn meat mixed with the cheese mixture.  So for us it was a ‘fail’ as far as pinwheels, but it did taste all right.  I will definitely be worth another try with a thicker steak.

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Jul 12

More Blue Apron

IMG_4619IMG_4620IMG_4621IMG_4622IMG_4623IMG_4624IMG_4638IMG_0033We have continued having Blue Apron for the last few weeks.  So far it’s been a good choice and we’ve only had a couple meals that we wouldn’t choose again.  The meals I hear my family complain the most about are the ones that are meat free. My middle son prefers the items that are chicken or beef,  not fish.   I have been happy though to see him try each thing.

Each meal comes with a card that has a description, an ingredient list, and instructions.  The box also includes all the ingredients but salt, pepper, and olive oil.  (It even has the butter when needed!)  I’ve found that it seems to be rare for the meals to have dairy in them.  There have been a couple with butter and one with creme fraise.  We also have had a couple with eggs.

Most though have been vegetables, some that that I have never tried before – see the tomatillo below!  I’ve really been surprised at the things I’ve tried.

Each box has showed up before dinner on Wednesday, so we’ve been having Blue Apron for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dinner….



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Jul 02

A Secular Nation? Better or worse?

The paper today has an article about the horror of a secular nation.  Before debating this I should say I was born and raised Catholic and my ancestor on my dad’s side started several Baptist churches… so I’m not really bias either way… We do have friends that are of many religions and some that are of no religion.  We also have friends that are persecuted by some religions.

The argument the author was making seemed to be that the nation has always been based on one nation under God, even though it was separation of Church and State….  He seemed to feel that God is being pushed further out of the government more recently and this is a bad thing.

My argument would have to fall in the area that:

1. When this nation was founded the founding fathers said All MEN are created equal.  What this meant was not WOMEN and not slaves.  There were later amendments to give women the right to vote, and amendments to free slaves. Slaves were considered property….

2. How do you decide which religion?  It’s all great to say we are going to be a religious nation, but what religion?  Tenn. voted to make the Bible the state book, I never noticed which version – but there are a LOT of versions.  What if we were to say Mormon, or Jewish, or Baptist, or Catholic, or Quaker…. or….. you name it…..  I’m sure there is even a religion that worships the trees.

3. Many secular people I know are more tolerant than many of the religious people I know.  Why is the author assuming that by going secular the nation will fall into a heathen society?  Is that just because that is the author’s view of what secular people do?  I would almost bet that the author knows several secular people that aren’t wearing signs….. and don’t fit the authors mold… so they aren’t identified as such.

4. Having children that are unique, I fear a society where one group takes over and decides who the ‘right’ are….  Can anyone say genocide?  Anyone read the book about when left handed people were considered evil?  It really wasn’t that many years ago.  Speaking of which, I just read recently a story about a mother advised by a  family friend to get her autistic child an exorcism as the behavior was probably a genetically passed down curse inhabiting the child!  Seriously you can’t make this up.

5. Most wars have been caused because of religion…..  Here we are looking at the 4th of July Monday, Celebrating our freedom from Great Britain….  A large part of this war was freedom from taxes, but why did the colonist come to the New World to start with?  They came for religious freedom!

So the top question is: Who gets to choose the religion if we become a religious country?  What happens to people that aren’t religious?  How are they prosecuted?  Are they publicly stoned?  Are they executed?

I seem to remember this happening in the past…. If you aren’t the correct religion then you are shipped off to a camp….  Is that really the way of the future?


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Jul 01

That favorite pair of shoes!

I have a pair of shoes that I love! They are sketchers mary jane style tennis shoes. I’ve had them a few years and I CAN NOT find a pair like them.  I’ve found ones in leather, I’ve found similar, but not the same ones.  I always go back to my favorite pair. I’m missing the sole from the bottom of one. I have a hole through the bottom of one where I stepped on a nail (yes it went through my foot) … and I can’t give them up!

I’ve gotten about 10 pairs since to replace them, maybe more.  IMG_4773I’ve found a pair that’s similar, FINALLY, but

  1. they are not as wide
  2. They don’t have the elastic strap, it’s a non stretch strap with a fastener.
  3. the arch just seems different.

I’m hoping with time they will stretch and flatten, adjusting the fit.  The strap will never change, but hopefully as the rest adjusts they will become comfortable. The hardest part is that I can’t seem to just slip them on my feet without undoing the fastener and redoing it.

So my old shoes are still sitting where I can slip them on quickly.  If I’m going out for a while I’ll take the time to put shoes on, but running to the mailbox, or something quick – on go my old shoes.

Anyone know where I can find a pair of my ‘good’ shoes?

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