Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a favorite of everyone around here. I’ve tried a few ways to make them including using sourdough starter that I feed every three days. I’ve tried using pie crust, which does make a nice treat… for a quick large cinnamon roll method though, I’ve found a method that uber simple and comes out with a nice option.

To start you just need the frozen bread dough loaves from the grocery store. I love to keep them on hand for holiday meals, setting them out the night before to raise and baking to have fresh bread for dinner. To make cinnamon rolls I first let the frozen bread dough thaw and rise. I love how the frozen loaves rise so well!

After the the number of loaves I want to use are ready, I roll them out as much as I can. For cinnamon rolls, I then pour melted butter on the top and spread it out with a spoon. For my rolls I sprinkle brown sugar on top and then some cinnamon. Adding nuts is a possibility, but I haven’t tried that yet….. I then roll up my dough and slice the log into pieces that I can lay out into my pan. Letting the rolls rise, they will become bigger… my first try I had cut my rolls too big and ended up with HUGE rolls. Luckily they taste the same!

After the rolls sat out and were ready for the over, I baked my rolls at 350 for about 20 minutes. I checked mine several times and it really was a case of trial and error based on the size of the rolls, type of pan, and type of bread dough. These came out great though. I had used five loaves of bread and shared with my aunt and a friend, which gave us four pans of rolls. YUM!