Steamed Veggies

Our Home Chef meal tonight included some veggies that sounded like they should come out steamed but used a little water in a pan fry method. As I debate a way to make them healthier I decided steamed over rice should be a great choice. The veggies involved were broccoli florets and should have been cooked with a little salt and pepper, then garlic and lemon zest was added. My plan involved steaming them in my rice cooker (throwing in a little salt and pepper). After they finish adding the garlic and zest by stirring into the bowl is fairly easy and it’s ready to be served.

This meal also included a Lemon Aioli sauce and some grilled steaks with biscuits in the oven. The steaks were easy to simplify in the air fryer (10 minutes grilled on medium), which made the biscuits the only thing I really followed the recipe for.