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Litter Robot

Sweeper for metal?

Visiting Ace Hardware, I found the most unusual sweeper – It just works as a magnet that you roll around and it picks up all the metal objects that are dropped!  It won’t work with aluminum, but metal and it’s all picked up.  I was debating how well it would work with the pins in …

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Diet (What works?)

I’m really curious what works.  Of course what works for one person doesn’t work for another.  Some say eating less is the way to go, others say that your body will go into starvation mode and ‘hibernate’ so that you are subsisting on almost no calories causing you to gain more weight on hardly any …

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PC-to-PC Transfers Made Easy

If you’ve gotten a new computer recently you know the excitement you get when you first unbox it. A brand new computer, with a clean desktop, bright display and crumb-free keyboard! Now, if it just had all your files, music, photos, videos as well as personal settings and programs already installed it would be great! …

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Dealing with BedBugs

It seems bedbugs are everywhere anymore! Even the nice hotels! What Are Bed Bugs? Bed bugs are the common name for Cimex lectularius, a reddish-brown, oval-shaped insect that can grow to a quarter of an inch long. Bed bugs are wingless and survive by sucking blood from a host animal, preferably a human. Why Are …

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