The Nice Home

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Having a nice home is great but one of the things I didn’t think about when I bought the place was keeping it clean. I felt like I was spending hours every weekend working on making it sparkle and it was such a relief when a friend referred me to a really good housekeeper to get some of the workload off my back. Terry has been wonderful and aside from her being really confused about how to operate the alarm she’s gotten everything right. She cleans like a master and I never have to worry about her still being there when I get home. Payment’s been a breeze and she’s got a really great disposition so all in all I think it was a really good move for me. The house sure looks better than it does when I clean it and I’m not mad because I get to spend my weekends relaxing rather than scrubbing the floors like Little Orphan Annie! Oh the pitfalls of having too much stuff, you know what I mean?