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Are your coupons real? Some Tips


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Some ways to avoid counterfeit coupons and to tell if you may have counterfeit coupons…

Use coupons from the paper

Use Coupons from reputable printable sources.  (, redplum, smartsource…) BGCouponers printable coupons are through an affiliate program with and come from  When BGCouponers print these coupons, they help us to provide resources to our area.

Some manufacturer’s offer coupons in PDF form that can be printed multiple times.  When legitimate, these will come directly from the manufacturer’s site.  If you are unsure, check the URL (address) at the top of the page.

  • (Except in the above situation) Real coupons limit the number of prints.  You should never see the actual coupon on the screen.
  • Brand sites are a great place to get reputable coupons.
  • Avoid swapping sites and sites that have images of coupons.  (Reputable Information sites will blur the coupon image and codes so that it can not be printed from the screen)
  • One of the best ways to avoid fraudulent coupons is to never pay for a coupon and Don’t buy coupons on auction sites.
  • Don’t scan coupons or print scanned images of coupons.  One way these are caught (besides the identifiable number being the same on every coupon, is that the scan distorts the image.
  • Be suspicious of printable coupons for free products and high value coupons.  (- that being said there was just recently a legitimate coupon for a free Lipton Tea.  So it can happen – it is good to verify these offers and make sure it comes from a reputable source)

Check the Coupon Information Corporation’s list of  Identified Counterfeit Coupons regularly.  This site has a verify it link on the right that will let you check printable coupons to verify they are legit.  If you are not sure of the coupon source, this is a good resource.  If you buy coupons online, this is a great resource to check them.  New coupons are also being added all the time to this list as coupons are returned.

Using counterfeit coupons not only costs the store money, it costs us money in increased prices. Additionally as counterfeit coupons become more common it causes stores to increase their coupon policies to exclude more items.

The CIC has identified over 21 counterfeit coupons in June alone! That is scary!

Totally Tutorials

I just found a great site, Totally Tutorials

This site includes craft tutorials and how-tos.  It has some really great crafts.  I did a search on screen printing (the search was half way down the screen – it would be nice to have it near the top), and I didn’t find any.  They do allow people to submit tutorials too, so maybe after my family gets it figured out completely we can submit some.

We got my middle son’s t-shirt printed (he still has it on and took off for grandma’s so I can’t include a pic), but it came out looking like a first try.  The words on the left also didn’t show very well.  While I was at it I uploaded a copy to Vistaprint and went for their $2 t-shirt offer.  While we perfect making shirts Kris will have one to wear.  With our first try you can make out the dinosaur and the RAWR on the right, the left is really the toughest part.  We are going to perfect the one color shirts too before moving on to 3 color. 🙂  I’ll post pics later.  When you get a chance though check out Totally Tutorials and feel free to let them know we sent you.

Make your own t-shirts

(We are still battling with the emulsion to get the exposure to work… hopefully we’ll get a t-shirt sometime soon.)

My son has a Yudu t-shirt printer and we are having a great time making t-shirts. He has made some really cool designs and I’m excited to wear a couple (and make my own) It’s pretty simple to use ours and wasn’t too expensive. I suspect you can make your own pretty easy (the machine) since it’s really a blower (can substitute a hair dryer) and a bright light (duh! light bulb) – But the one we have really simplifies it.

To make the t-shirt you have to put emulsion on a screen. To block paint from going through. Then dry it. Next step expose to light (covering any part where you will want paint on the t-shirt) – You can use a graphic printed on a transparency. Then you wash out the part of the exposure that wasn’t exposed. Now you are ready to paint. (you have to redo for each of the colors on the shirt doing every step over for each color)…. After you paint clean up and let your shirt dry.

There is lots more too. The printer itself is just 188 by itself and I didn’t mention that you can print multiple shirts before washing off the emulsion from the screen. We made our robotics team t-shirts for last years robotics tournament.

Here’s Kris’ design: Let us know if you would like one of the t-shirts. I think by the time we got done they averaged less than 10$ per shirt if you make several. (To just make one with one color would be about $15 I think.) + $8 extra for each color.

I LOVE it! He did a great job….

Writing Companies

I just saw this message (down below) in a forum about what companies had responded to a request for coupons.

I know I have heard the message while calling to ask about gifts to grow points about – if you are calling to request a sample and coupons press X.

Here’s a link with information about the best way to request coupons:

I think I’m going to give a few of these a try later and see what I get…

Emailed Lipton and got:
$1 off bertoli frozen product
$1 off 2 breyers ice cream
$.60 off cant belive it not butter
$1 off 2 hellmans proudct
$1 off 2 lipton tea bag
$1 off 2 ragu sace
$1 off axe body wash
$1 off degree
$1 off dove bar or body was
$.50 off 2 q tip
$.50 on suave hair care
$1 ib vaseline lotion
and there where recipes in with it as well

today I got
$1 off campbell soup product

got a $1 off a bounce product
and $1 off bounty napkins

a free suave proffessional product

Bubble bee
sent me 4 .24 cent coupons

one of the texas toast companies sent me a coupon for a free item

Another list:

Here is a list of companies that send out coupons via direct mail. You may not be able to receive from all of them due to your location. You must send a SASE (self addresses stamped envelope) asking for the coupons to be mailed to you. Don’t forget to put your name and address!

Money Mailer Coupons
12131 Western Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Best Community Values
260 Maitland Ave Ste 2000
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Coupons Ltd
1240 2nd St
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Valpak Direct Mail Coupons
8575 Largo Lakes Dr.
Largo, FL 33773

Elite Web Holding, LLC
PO BOX 1072
Dubuque, IA 52004

Coupons by Mail
1827 Michigan Ave
Saginaw, MI 48602

Free People King of Prussia
Mail King of PRS
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Coupons Coupons Coupons
369 Massachuettes Ave, Ste 117
Arlington, MA 02474

Coupons Inc.
3310 Victor Ct
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Coupon Country
3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd #288
Lafayette, CA 94549

JB Dollar Stretcher Magazine
25900 Green Field Rd Ste 216
Oak Park, MI 48237

Clips Coupons
PO BOX 183013
Shelby Twp., MI 48318-3013

Mail Pak Magazine Today
1307 Darby Lane
Indianapolis, In 46260 (03/01/2011)

oupon availability and specific offers can vary based on each company’s supplies. Simply send a nice email to the “Contact” section letting them know you like their products and that you would appreciate being mailed coupons. Be sure to include your mailing address. It doesn’t hurt to ask, good luck!

Company Name

Company URL

Amy’s Kitchen

Bar S

Barber Foods

Birds Eye Foods

George Weston Bakeries

Carl Buddig & Company

The Hain Celestial Group



The Dannon Company





Citrus World



Dean Foods

S.C. Johnson & Son

H.J. Heinz Company

H.J. Heinz Company

Johnson & Johnson

Kimberly Clark

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe

McCormick & Company

McCormick & Company

Mt Olive Pickle Company

Ocean Spray Cranberries

S.C. Johnson & Son

Pepperidge Farm




Reckitt Benckiser

S.C. Johnson & Son

The J.M. Smucker Company

Kens Foods

The Hain Celestial Group


Grand Brands

Turkey Hill

Tyson Foods

Johnson & Johnson

Interstate Bakeries Corp

Jasper Wyman & Son

General Mills


Also an app I have provided this list:

Free products 1-800-526-3967
Pfizer New Mother’s Kit – 1-800-223-0182
Free Vasoline Sample 1-800-733-7546
Carnation Follow up 1-800-242-5200
Kimberly Park Products 1-800-544-1847
Munchkin 1-800-344-2229
Diaper Rash Ointment 1-800-587-3721
Tampon Sample – 1-800-361-8068
Diaper Rash Cream – 1-800-587-3721
Tooth Paste (Rembrandt) 1-800-548-3663
Floss – 1-800-645-4337
Migraine Meds – 1-800-464-8739
St Josephs Aspirin 1-800-962-5357
Juven Drink Mix 1-877-465-8836
Food Pyramid – 1-800-597-2267
Beano Sample 1-800-257-8650
Gorton’s Recipe Booklet 1-800-222-6846
Formula (store brand) 1-800-485-9918
Coffee Sample 1-800-310-5662
Sea Salts – 1-800-6677258
Vita Spelt Pasta – 1-800-997-7358
Grey Poupon Recipe Book 1-800-476-8766
Free Can of Dog Food at Mighty Dog
Purina Same thign
Pet Treat –
Dog Tag –
Carnation Baby Formula 1-800-543-3112
Mead/Johnson Coupon 1-800-222-9123
J&J new parent pack 1-800-526-3967
Similac Welcome Addition Club 1-800-222-9546