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How to become an Extreme Couponer – The Right Way!

I found this great ebook and I thought I would share with you. Cash In On The “extreme Couponing” Craze! Learn the Secrets On How To Save Lots Of Money With Coupons. To learn more about this and start saving money click HERE. You wont be disappointed!  

Savings Tips – Stretch Your Budget!

1. Buy Generic when brand isn’t important.  In many cases it tastes the same, has the same ingredients. This can include Meds, Cleaning Supplies, and Food. Some examples of items that are the same include: Acetemeniphen —> Tylenol Diphehydremine —> Benedryl And when I was still using formula (haven’t checked in a while) SAMS Club …

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Give a New Meaning to ‘Extreme Couponing’ and Help Others!

One in six people in the US struggle to get enough to eat. – more than six million children rely on food stamps. You can help out, by helping use your stockpiling and couponing skills plus great shopping strategies to get groceries and toiletries for free (or close to it!) – then donate to charity. …

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Couponing 101 – Where to find Coupons

Here’s another great post I found in CafeMom: Newspapers: Sundays newspaper contain most of the coupons you will need. Inserts such as smartsource, red plum and P&G (proctor & gamble) are found here. Sometimes you can find inserts in your local Wednesday paper as well. Online: internet printables are a great source of coupons. You …

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Creative or Not You’ll Shine With These Free Crafting Ideas!

Whether you are a craft junkie or you missed the creative bus all the together, You will LOVE FaveCrafts! Get your free newsletter, patterns, and awesome ideas for the little ones right here!!