How do you NOT live paycheck to paycheck?

This was posted on Cafemom by ishie4ever and I thought all the BG Couponers here might have the same questions:

I mean no disrespect to the mom who asked why live paycheck to paycheck. I just don’t understand how you can keep from it. Do you own property of have investments or some other way to earn income? Do you have a savings account for backup after you spend a paycheck? Sorry but I’m just confused.

Since my DH and I got married right after college graduation, we were in entry level jobs.  We started living well in a nice apartment and paid all our bills.  We got into credit card debt and then got loans.

We moved into a rundown house with friends to save on our rent and utilities.  We plan to pay off our debts with the money we save on our monthly expences.  Then we hope to save up the money to put a down payment on a house of our own.


My answer to this question would be that you really have to budget, and that budget has to include savings.  With my family, we don’t carry credit card debt, we don’t owe on our vehicles, and our only debt is our Mortgage.  Once in a while something comes along and uses our savings, but as long as our budget takes less than our paycheck it builds up again.  What does everyone else do to get by?


Source: Cafemom