Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Aspargus

This meal was also from Terra’s Kitchen. It wasn’t too bad.  The whole thing was baked and included strips of sweet potatoes, asparagus, with salmon. The salmon included a rub with mustard and other ingredients mixed together to rub on the salmon.  It wasn’t bad at all and the baking made it healthy.

The big think I was disappointed with was that I had added watermelon as a snack to go with. The watermelon was overripe even though it had a date on it a week in the future.  I really like watermelon, so I was VERY disappointed.  To top it off the side of the sweet potatoes was popped open.  That’s one of the reasons I chose this meal to make it first.

I did enjoy this meal though.  I’m not sure it was worth the money and I especially was disappointed with the watermelon. Our next meal was a kebab, that had the wrong ingredients sent to go with.  We were sent sliced mushrooms in place of whole mushrooms and a roasted corn in place of the regular corn kernels.  So far out of 6 meals, 3 have had issues, plus one of the 3 snacks we’ve gotten.  I think with the cost, I would have cancelled by now if I hadn’t already.  We have two more meals to try.  Hopefully they will improve the odds a little bit.