Embroidery Machine

I finally got the embroidery machine I wanted.  I’ve been having fun making designs and trying them out on the machine.

I’ve learned several things – from how to transfer a design to the machine to important things like bobbin color does matter.  I ended up with the Brother Machine.  The price was better than most and so far it seems good – other than the one I received (from Amazon) came with a case and the case smells like someone was smoking like crazy around it.  Putting it back in my small sewing room the room still smells horribly days later making it tough to do anything.  I was shocked that Amazon would send out something that so obviously had been around heavy smoking.

Once I figured out the threading (and self threading part) it became much easier, but I still need to work on switching out the bobbins.  I just went out yesterday to get more bobbins.  I looked at the separate bobbin winders, but I’m not sure if those are a great idea or not?

The software lets you take a graphic and digitize it to a design for the machine.  I’m still on the learning curve for that, but have created a couple things from logos.  One came out not too bad, but the other really needs work.  I need to figure out how to edit the design that the software creates…. That’s next on my list.