Geeky or what?

I had to laugh today as I got ready to leave to pick up my little one at school.  I ran in first to double check that my vacuum, Roomba was doing what he was supposed to.  As I checked he was running around our bedroom sucking up dirt.  As I left the room though I realized how funny it was that I was getting ready to leave and when I got back Roomba would be all done. Yeah!!!!  Then it crossed my mind how really geeky it was that I was going to be leaving the house while the vacuum kept working.

As I got back it became funnier when I couldn’t find the Roomba.  Turns out he had finished while under the bed.  Of course try explaining to a friend that you can’t join them for lunch because you really need to figure out where your vacuum went. – Of course he was under the middle of a King Size Bed causing me to have to get exercise trying to rescue him.  I’m now thinking we need risers for the bed….