Totally Tutorials

I just found a great site, Totally Tutorials

This site includes craft tutorials and how-tos.  It has some really great crafts.  I did a search on screen printing (the search was half way down the screen – it would be nice to have it near the top), and I didn’t find any.  They do allow people to submit tutorials too, so maybe after my family gets it figured out completely we can submit some.

We got my middle son’s t-shirt printed (he still has it on and took off for grandma’s so I can’t include a pic), but it came out looking like a first try.  The words on the left also didn’t show very well.  While I was at it I uploaded a copy to Vistaprint and went for their $2 t-shirt offer.  While we perfect making shirts Kris will have one to wear.  With our first try you can make out the dinosaur and the RAWR on the right, the left is really the toughest part.  We are going to perfect the one color shirts too before moving on to 3 color. 🙂  I’ll post pics later.  When you get a chance though check out Totally Tutorials and feel free to let them know we sent you.