Give a New Meaning to ‘Extreme Couponing’ and Help Others!

One in six people in the US struggle to get enough to eat. – more than six million children rely on food stamps.

You can help out, by helping use your stockpiling and couponing skills plus great shopping strategies to get groceries and toiletries for free (or close to it!) – then donate to charity.

1. Locate and Identify the Need – In Bowling Green that includes places such as HOTEL INC, Saint Vincent De Paul, and more.

2. Donate items that are about to expire before they expire.

3. Shop for extras of Free items to donate.

Items to Donate:
Basic Toiletries
Clothing, Towels, and Sheets
School Supplies (Stuff the Bus and School Resource Centers) – including hand sanitizer
Toys (Think Angel Tree)
Pet Food, Newspapers, and Litter (Humane Society)
Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies
Canned Goods