Savings Tips – Stretch Your Budget!

1. Buy Generic when brand isn’t important.  In many cases it tastes the same, has the same ingredients. This can include Meds, Cleaning Supplies, and Food. Some examples of items that are the same include:

Acetemeniphen —> Tylenol

Diphehydremine —> Benedryl

And when I was still using formula (haven’t checked in a while) SAMS Club brand formula Members Mark was the same as Enfamil (and a lot cheaper).

2. Plan Shopping Trips – Use Blogs and lists – take coupons and make a list.  Make a Menu ahead of time and use it to make your list.

3. Eat Before you Go!  You’ll be less susceptible to impulse buys.

4. Look Up and Down in the aisles.  The higher price items are usually located at eye level.

5. Check Unit Price.  (I know Kroger frequently has sales that make 1/2 gallons per ounce cheaper than gallons of milk)

6. Stock up at Sales – I do this every time Mt. Dew 12 packs of cans are 2.50 or less and 2 liters are less than $1.00. I really stock up when they are .89 or less….  Know your price point for the items you buy a lot of.  By buying soda at $1 or $1.50 and going through almost 10 a week (me, 3 boys and a husband) I save at least $5 a week just by stocking up on Mt. Dew 2 Liters.  My husband takes the cans to work and so that’s another .50 per 12 pack.

7. Reduce size (Cut Dryer Sheets in Halve, reduce the amount of detergent you use, split hamburger up to get one extra portion in the family size…)

8. Make your own.

For Example: Window Cleaner – 1 cup Vinegar + 2 cups warm water

For our pool I bought the standard generic bleach in place of the expensive chlorine for pools (Same thing)… and I used Baking Soda in place of one of the other chemicals.  Use Search Engine to find mixture.