Diet (What works?)

I’m really curious what works.  Of course what works for one person doesn’t work for another.  Some say eating less is the way to go, others say that your body will go into starvation mode and ‘hibernate’ so that you are subsisting on almost no calories causing you to gain more weight on hardly any calories!

Drink more water – It seems that one to mean just leads to me never leaving the bathroom.  Salt is a no/no, but I just read something about iodine salt helping.  So yes or no to salt? To top it off if you watch Dr. Oz, he is advertising a different supplement to help daily!  Then to top it off there is the shred diet, the cabbage diet, the diet where you avoid everything to find what you are allergic to.

My latest source of information is the person at the vitamin shoppe.  My favorite question: What’s your biggest seller for dieting?

I’ve tried Fitbit to track my steps, Myfitnesspal to track my food, but what I learned is they are easy to avoid.  I get excited when I meet my goals, but it’s very easy to miss a goal by simply having too much to do.

I do use the Aria scale to weigh each morning and I have found out a few interesting things – like the morning after we have Pizza I gain 5 pounds.  I also have found that eating salt has about the same effect.  (Problem is that my families favorite meal is pizza and their favorite snack is pringles)

Snacking is the favorite thing for them to do! One article though said to eat every few hours to level your blood sugar – yet, snacking (eating more calories) seems against the face of all logic.

Part of my issue I think is age, as I have gotten older (and more sedentary) it gets tougher and tougher to maintain my weight, let alone lose weight.  I remember in my 20s and 30 doing everything from Tai Kwan Do to Aerobics.   Now it’s not that I don’t want to exercise, it’s that I have no energy and time to exercise. My days are filled with activity!  The most strenuous of which is cleaning the house….  I know there are a million possibilities of things to try….  Currently I’m planning to try the Vitamin Shoppe’s suggestion to start with…  I’ll post more on how that goes in a couple days…..

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