Top Spring Must Haves

My spring must have list probably varies from the standard list, but here goes:


    1. A firepit…. I’ve wanted one of these forever!  During the spring it can get chilly at night. Though I think we’ve already passed that time.  I would love to have a firepit though to be able to light up a fire on the back porch and sit out around it.  It’s not on my husband’s list though, and would interfere with the telescope he uses, so I suspect my firepit is going to have to wait until we retire to Illinois.  It is on my list of must haves for the future though.
    2. Grill and Propane…  We actually have the grill, but having propane for it is critical.  I also recently found that you can get a gauge for the propane tank!  It makes life so much easier!  My husband loves hamburgers and I love brats, so cooking out on the grill is excellent!
    3. Yard Games…. Things to play outside with the kids. Whether it’s in your yard or at the park. (This can include bikes and scooters too!)
    4. Bug Screens…  As the weather starts to warm up the bugs start to come out.  I love the little bug screens to put over my food.  I won’t eat outside without them.
    5. Plastic plates and Silverware…  I really believe in recycling.  Plastic plates and silverware that is re-washable is the way to go!


    Time to get outside while it’s nice out!