Bitgym – Fitness Programs / App

I’ve tried treadmills, elliptical, bikes, stair steppers and weights. So far none really hold my interest…. but with the treadmill, I’ve been exploring the cool apps that allow me to explore the world and walk around at places I’d love to see!

I first tried iFit, but it wouldn’t work.  I was super disappointed because I had bought a treadmill specially designed to interface with iFit.  Tech Support for iFit was unable, and unwilling to help – so I moved on to BigGym.

BitGym is an iPad app that allows you to walk around while viewing the location you are visiting.  It doesn’t like to the treadmill, but it does use the camera in your iPad to track your movements.  It can tell when you are moving and uses the motion to extrapolate how fast you are going to count your steps and keep up on the screen.   Pretty Cool!

Being uncoordinated though, what I found was that it was fairly easy for me to misstep and nearly fall off the treadmill.  For someone that has some coordination though, it’s a pretty cool app and way to exercise.

It does have an option for a free trial and will let you go a short distance in the trial, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try!  – It even has little pop ups with information about the area you are exploring that  come up while you walk.