Do you prefer Big or Small packages?

–To get the most out of your coupons, most of the time, use coupons on the smaller quantities of items rather than the bigger quantities.–

Double check the unit price when you are paying full price.  Milk especially gets me… At Kroger it varies whether the gallon or the half gallon is cheapest…. But with a coupon, it’s a better value usually to buy the smaller package.

Example:  If you buy paper towels for $8.00 for 8 rolls that equals 1.00/roll.  If you get the smaller package that is $1.00 for 1 rolls, it’s still 1.00/roll.  Same cost.

Compare what happens if you use your coupon for .50 off.  (Which doubles at Kroger) For the larger package, you pay $7.50 for 12 rolls (.94/roll).  For the smaller package, you pay $.50 for  1 roll (.50/roll).  The better value is now the smaller package with a coupon, not the larger package.

This works a lot of times which you can get stuff free.

Just make sure you cost compare when you use a coupon. Check Unit Prices and do the Math.