Safety Online

I just saw this post on Cafemom…  and it crossed my mind that some people will answer questions like this where ever they are. The internet feels really safe – after all how would they really find out who I am, where I live and so on…

Do you save little stashes of money in your home?  You know, for maybe something a little extra that you want, or a project  that you want to do?  I used to be sooo good at stashes.  Now I just save change in a jar…….but a litlle stash is always special!  Do you have one?

In reality it’s not that tough to find out who someone is… Think of all the times you probably posted what town you live in – or what region… What the name of your subdivision is….  Even what school you go to (or what school your kids go to).  Identifiable information is easy to give out without even realizing it.  Just knowing what area someone’s from and what team their kids play on can make someone easy to find. Even identifying where you work can tell what town you are probably in…  Think Linked in Here.  Some sites are also geography specific, so just looking at a list of what other groups you belong too could identify your location.

In answer to this question 26 people had replied.  I’m sure the person posting the question and the people answering were just having a conversation, but you never know who is lurking.

One reply was:

We have a change jug. It’s one of those water jugs. We have a stash of gift cards and a little bit of money. We are setting stuff aside to use while my hubby is gone for training.

I would think the odds are high that it will be fine… but my person rule is to avoid posting about where I stash money.  I also avoid things like when our house is empty, when the kids are home alone, and financial information….