Note: Our family celebrates Christmas – though we do have friends that celebrate lots of different holidays.

For Christmas this year, my goal was to get gifts that my kids would enjoy, use, and wouldn’t get consigned to the never be touched again list.  My youngest was pretty easy, he wanted quixels, yokai watch, and a miposaur.

The other two were a little tougher.  My oldest just got a new apartment and job so we focused on things to help him set up him new home.  For my middle son who is in college it was a much tougher job….  He ended up with odds and ends that included wireless headphones and a board game that matched a computer game he already enjoys.

I also broke down and got a meccanoid for my youngest – though really it was for everyone.  The meccanoid is a robot that follows voice commands and instructions.

For saving money something that just gets consigned to the never to be touched again pile is a waste of money.  My goal this year is to return anything that the boys don’t open within a few days.