Google Plus (and Cafemom)

This is quoted from Cafemom –

Google‘s dream of social network domination success may be about to come true. That’s because most of us — present company incredibly included — are so irate about the new Facebook changes that feel like a hybrid of a Vegas casino meets Mall of America on a Saturday plus all of your Pandora stations playing at once. (Too. Much. Stimulation. Make. It. Stop!!) It’s almost too perfect timing that they just yesterday opened the virtual gate of Google+ to everyone. That’s right — it’s no longer a VIP, invite-only situation. Anyone and their mom or dog can hop on there now and get wrapped up in Circles and get their game on in aHuddle — oh wait, no, that’s just called “Messenger” now — and take advantage of all those other colorful-sounding features the Facebook competitor has to offer.

The only problem is … there’s still no one for the newly invited masses to interact with on Google+!

Most of those early adopters are still on Facebook, complaining about Facebook, and only threatening to switch to Google+. But no one really has had the guts to, well, do it.

When faced with the new changes on Facebook this morning, I was about to threaten to quit, when I saw in the upper right ticker (the worst part of the changes, if you ask me) that a friend of mine wrote the very same thing. I “liked” it, of course, and then we proceeded to discuss whether or not a move to Google+ was in order. I concluded it’s not, because it’s pretty much Google employees and a few tumbleweeds over there right now.

No wonder they’ve invited anyone who wants to come on in!!! They’re desperate to get the party started! But I’m still not sure how that’s going to happen. The thing is, up until, really, today, they hadn’t been offering us anything different from Facebook. And who has time or need to keep up with two different social networks that basically allow you to do the same things (share, status update, chat, even video chat, etc.)?

However, today has been a gamechanger. The ball is now in Google+’s court. If they can prove they’ll offer users an experience that’s as smart as it is clean, SIMPLE, and user-friendly (like how Facebookused to be), Google+ might have a shot at stealing Facebook’s thunder once and for all! But it’s going to be up to us — not them — to truly make it happen.

Are you now on Google+? Do you think you would ever switch completely from Facebook to Google+?

This came from the Moms and Technology Group, but there are LOTS of other great groups. I get the email digest for each of my groups each morning and read up on everything from Big Brother Spoilers to great tips on the deals of the day! I can check back during the day if I find time.

I personally have a Google+ and a Facebook.  Currently I get different things from each.  Most of my friends are still on Facebook – but as if they make the switch it may go the way of MySpace.  (Anyone remember MySpace?)