Review HomeSmarts 2.2 App

HomeSmarts 2.2 App

I love this idea!  I just downloaded it and am ready to start entering tasks now.  Things like changing the furnace filter get forgotten pretty easy around here.   When I first opened it, the app walked me through a series of questions that included the type of home I have, type of heat and air, and more.  The app then my to-do list that includes checking the dishwasher, cleaning air ducts, and even cleaning the vacuum coils on the fridge.  Most things included are items I never would have thought of! – Best of all, it’s FREE currently.

 Whether you’re a brand new homeowner or life-long landlord, one thing about maintaining a home is certain: if you don’t do it right, things fall apart. Our HomeSmarts app will help you sort out what needs to be done, and when. So ditch those annoying sticky notes! Just tell us a little about your home and we will:

* Customize your home maintenance schedule.
* Simplify your to do list.
* Recommend easy preventative strategies to save you money.
* Explain how to do it yourself.
* Advise you on seasonal essentials.
* Refer you to expert pros.


Review: This app is easy to and serve a good way to remind you of stuff to do around the house and explain how and why to do it.


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