My Coupons App

For the Iphone I have been playing with an app My Coupons.  At first I thought ‘who would use this’ It seems like a lot of work to enter your coupon inventory.  It does have a feature to let you know what is about to expire and seemed handy, but entering all the information seemed like it would be Too time consuming. 

If only it had an option to download the weeks coupon inserts and add them in mass…  Today though at the store I realized I had a register reward (the Kroger type) for $10 that had just expired a couple days ago. I then could really see how this app could come in handy.  I think I’m going to start by entering my register rewards, then move on to adding coupons that I want to be sure and use.  Free, B1G1, and things that are for products that I will buy even if they aren’t on sale (so that I use them before they expire).