Mozy App

Usually I avoid apps that involve signing into a web site (unless they really make my life easier and I use the online version already)….

Mozy is a backup tool I use on my desktop computer to keep it backed up.  It keeps my files backed up to the ‘cloud’.  Really you should always have a couple different formats of backup and one should not be near your computer.  With the outbreak of tornadoes recently it makes me think of all I would lose if my computer was destroyed.  To prevent a catastrophic loss of data I use Mozy to keep most of my file backed up.  It would take me a little while to get up and going, but at least my data would be safe. (I also back up pictures to – so I have redundancy)

This being said I am also the person that insight called to say I was using way to much bandwidth and they suspected I was file sharing.  My computer was backing up for the first full backup (but really I have a lot of data).

I noticed this morning that there is a Mozy app.  I assume it will let me check on files in the backup.  I got it installed and played with it a little.  As soon as I got into the app it told me my computer was backed up as of yesterday.  Good to know it’s a pretty recent backup.  I also was able to wonder around in my files.

But it was really slow. On the other hand it is pretty handy to have access to all my backed up files while out and about using just my phone. Those few times when I really wanted to show someone a picture or document and was out of town this could really be handy!

Of course for this to work you have to have an account on Mozy and have your computer set up to backup, but for me it definitely is a keeper.

Mozy does have an Android version too besides the iPhone version, and a home user subscription for one PC is $5.99 a month. My account is an unlimited one PC plan for home users, that they have eliminated. I’m not sure what my plan will be for my next renewal… Did I mention I have a LOT of data? But I do really use it now.