No more Cable

There are several places you can get TV shows without subscribing to Cable.  Most major networks allow you to watch their shows on the web.  (ABC, CBS, NBC)  as well as several other stations.

The first step is to figure out a good way to watch if want to see them on your tv.  In our house that is pretty easy.  Almost all our TVs have VGA input.  With the VGA input we just hook a laptop to the TV and use the TV as a second monitor.  We have plenty of old computers that can stream shows.  Besides that we also have the Wii or XBOX that can hook to Netflix.  A whole extra set of shows to watch. Netflix is less than $10 a month for a subscription to watch online.  Of course that’s not free and most are available free… I think we primarily use the netflix when all my kids are home.

Of course you can use an antenna to get some shows.

Hulu also lets you watch. There is a plus account for $10 a month, but plenty of shows without the plus.  Plus there are some like,,,,,,,,,, and… plus lots more.  I’ve even seen shows on youtube.  (I’ve caught Dr. Who there before the episode was released in the US)  I’m not sure how legal some of these are.

I mostly stick with the network streaming on their websites when I miss an episode.  I love catching the Big Bang Theory  if I miss it.

What’s your favorite place to watch your favorite shows?