Fruit Snacks

A friend came and we decided to make fruit snacks for the kids.  Really we were playing with the food processor (Kitchen Aid)!  I have the popular mixer that has all the attachments. The mixer was a gift from my mother last year for my birthday and now has a spot on my counter.

We actually searched the fridIMG_2997ge and randomly pulled out items to shred… I’m not sure the cucumber went over anywhere near as well as the apple slices.  But the slicer did a great job.   We had a fun time and the kids ate healthy snacks!

Seeing the apple slices, I could easily see getting a dehydrator and using them with it. The snacks would keep for extended periods and be healthier than snacks I would find in the stores with preservatives that I couldn’t pronounce.

All in all, it worked pretty well and went fast. The toughest part was cleaning up…. though I have to admit…. being new to the attachment – I do have a piece I still need to figure out how to put back on, as it popped off while I was trying to take the attachment off the mixer and get it cleaned.  It does still look usable though……