Creme Brulee – Oh so simple!

I had some creme that was at the point that I was nervous it would go bad if I ignored it for even one more day. I shook it up and took a drink just to be sure it hadn’t even already passed the point of no return and it was still yummy, so creme brulee seemed the way to go! I’d been wanting to try it, really I want to work through my cookbooks, making all the recipes that look good and then get rid of the cookbooks after picking out the good choices. Cookbooks (and books in general) in our house are taking so much space.

I have to admit that my idea of following a recipe is really to look at it and then use it as a suggestion for what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s that I don’t have the same ingredients (so I substitute) and sometimes I just don’t like the ingredients listed.

This time I had a copy of a recipe from the KitchenAid Cookbook to start with. I used the same ingredients, though I can’t say my measurements were as exact as they might have been following the recipe normally. For baking and then browning the top I went completely off script. All in all my version came out tasting pretty good – even my little one gave it a try!



2 cups Creme
1/4 sugar
4 egg yolks
Extra Sugar for Top

Heat creme on stovetop until it reaches boiling, stirring off and on.
Whisk sugar and egg yolk together, then add heated creme.

Pour mixture into small containers inside casserole dish that is filled with water. Water should be up to half way up sides of small containers. Bake at 300 degrees until firm.

Cool in refrigerator

Add sugar to top and brown with torch or in broiler.