Portabella Mushroom Fries

I love using my airfryer and fried portabella mushroom fries seemed a healthy snack to make over.

To make some portabella mushrooms in the air fryer I first needed to mix up some breading…. I tend to just grab things from the counter, but for this time I used flour, garlic, ranch seasoning, onion salt, pepper. I’m sure I would have added more, but I was just grabbing what was close from the cabinet.
After mixing what I could together for breading, I mixed a couple eggs up too. I’d love to say I whisked two eggs, but really I mixed them with a fork that was close. – I had also bought pre-sliced portabella mushrooms, so that removed that task from the list also.
To be fancy, most people would then dip in the egg and then coat in the flour mixture….. I on the other hand, throw them all in the egg, make sure they are covered and then put them in a zip lock back with the flour mixture. Shake several times.

Heat the air fryer. Mine is the Ninja Foodi, so I just hit the air crisp button and then change the time to 10 minutes. It will preheat and tell me when I can add food. As soon as the add food message appears, I use tongues to take the mushrooms from the ziplock and spread them around the bottom of the air fryer. Finally I spray them with oil. I ordered a spray bottle I filled with oil just to make this easier! I try to make sure I’m not seeing a lot of dry flour before I close the lid.
After about 6 minutes I open the fryer and turn my mushrooms, spraying them with oil one more time. After closing the lid for the final time, the mushrooms should finish cooking.

I’ve used a similar method for frying with breading just about anything I want to cook, varying the amount of time cooked. Yum! (Fried oysters, Chicken, onion petals, and more)