Blue Apron

Blue Apron MealWe are still making our Blue Apron Meals…  At first it was super nice to know what we were having three nights a week!  Now we have the Kelly Autism Program (KAP)  on Wednesday, so that knocks that night out meaning our schedule is off a night.  Our meals arrive on Wednesday but we don’t get home until 6… then it’s a quick meal. We end up waiting for Thursday to make our first Blue Apron meal. Tonight being a Friday will be our second meal and then Saturday for the third.  Mondays we always have Subway with KAP also.  So we are down to Sunday and Tuesday left to figure out dinner.  This should make life easy but I have to admit, sometimes I’m just tired, and then there are nights like tonight where I’m thinking that my husband complaining about the fact that most of the meals from Blue Apron have included vinegar has started to wear me down.  He is right! I wouldn’t have noticed or cared if he hadn’t pointed out.  Now 2 of the three meals this week have vinegar….

Do we continue or do we try another service?  Now I’m debating, and I’m starting to get tired, tired of figuring out dinner each night, tired of cooking something that can’t just be thrown in a crockpot early in the day….. something that doesn’t just require a few minutes in either the oven or the microwave…..

What to do?