Blue Apron – Blackened Chicken and Veggies

We are still making our Blue Apron most weeks. I have run into issues with finding time to make our meals – and as time goes on I find that the menus seem to fall into the same categories more often. Personally I’m debating trying a few other services to see if we get more of a mix. We seem to get a lot of things with Indian, Asian, and Mexican inspiration. I don’t think I ever see anything with Italian style, definitely nothing with the cream based style cooking. Mashed potatoes never have gravy…. no egg noodles. Our meal last night included a seared steak and the steak was one large piece that was full of fat…. So once in a while it seems the ingredients aren’t quality checked as much as I would expect. We do still really enjoy a lot of the things we get though! It seems 90% include vinegar and a lot have something like kale included (or a form of something like it)

The boxes do show up every Wednesday just like they are expected and are left on our porch in a container with ice that is still very frozen. The meal below was one of the really good ones!