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Oct 11

Tips for entering a Giveaway

1. Have a dedicated Giveaway email and Check it often. 2 Check Twitter, Facebook, and more for giveaways.  (You might want accounts on these that are just for giveaways so that you can keep them separate from Real Life.  For the really good giveaways on Facebook having two accounts can work to your advantage also. …

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Oct 09

How much Social Security for you?

I just saw an article in Cafemom that got me thinking…. Apparently Social Security benefit statements won’t be mailed this year!   To figure it out you need to do the math….. Social Security Benefits are calculated based on your 35 highest earning years – and are adjusted for inflation.  The current calculation – if you …

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Sep 26

Closing Credit Card Accounts – Help or Hurt?

If you have an old credit card account with little to no balance it could actually help your credit rating.  Even though it seems feasible to close these account (I hate to risk the wrong person getting a hold of them) It could end up hurting your credit rating.  Closing an old account will   …

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Sep 20

Couponing 101 – Let’s Get Started

  Here’s another great post I found in CafeMom: (Red are my comments) Lets get started: •One of the most important things to remember is you don’t need to use a coupon right away just because you clipped it. You need to use a coupon when that item is on sale! •It’s also important that …

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Sep 07

Do you prefer Big or Small packages?

–To get the most out of your coupons, most of the time, use coupons on the smaller quantities of items rather than the bigger quantities.– Double check the unit price when you are paying full price.  Milk especially gets me… At Kroger it varies whether the gallon or the half gallon is cheapest…. But with …

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