Tips for entering a Giveaway

1. Have a dedicated Giveaway email and Check it often.

2 Check Twitter, Facebook, and more for giveaways.  (You might want accounts on these that are just for giveaways so that you can keep them separate from Real Life.  For the really good giveaways on Facebook having two accounts can work to your advantage also.

3. There are some blogs that require email in each comment, you can always include your email in every comment, not just the first one.

4.Have a post in on your desktop or a text program with a list of comments that you can paste in…..

I am a blog follower!

I follow on twitter!
@your twitter

I am your fan!
First and last initial

5.  If you can use the RoboForm Add on – It makes entering information so much easier….

8. Use Search to find giveaways for specific items.

9. Check the end date!!

10.  Don’t expect to win everything.