Who do you know?

How many times have you been out and about and needed a phone number? (or even an address)

There are lots of options for contact management systems.  Getting them to sync correctly with multiple devices is the tough part!  I can’t say I’ve completely figured it out, but I’m dealing with several computers and a few different mobile devices.   Here are some I’ve tried. (Picking one that you like and sticking to it is probably easiest)

iCloud – We pay for a subscription to Mobile Me which has moved to free and become iCloud. It’s not too bad but every time I turn around I am dealing with multiple contacts.  It works best with Mac, but I am using it with iPhone, Windows, and Mac (as well as iPad).  It’s best for keeping my apps in sync, but I’ve went with it for contacts and calendar too.

Google – Google has lots of parts and I do use several of them.  I use a Google Calendar, but have resisted using it for my contacts so far.  It is pretty good about syncing if you figure out the set ups.  I also love that the calendar works with ifttt.com.

Cozy – Cozy is great for a calendar, but doesn’t really have the contacts built into it. I like it also for the to do list that you can use as a shopping list also.

There are lots more!  So many I just can’t see paying for one unless it’s perfect.  What do you use?  What features do you have to have?