Veggie Spaghetti and Chips

With my new kitchen aid mixer I’ve found I can also make a fun snack!  While making pasta our kids got hungry, and we were enjoying playing with all the new toys – so we grabbed the ‘spiral cutter’ and thought we would give it a try.  We then pulled out a cucumber and an apple to try.

We chose to turn the cucumber into spaghetti, and the kids still grabbed it and ate it straight from the bowl! We then tried a few different widths and sliced up an apple.  The slicer peeled the apple at the same time and made apple chips that the kids (and us) gobbled up quickly.

In the instruction book we found recipes for squash spaghetti and even potato chips, but we haven’t gotten that adventurous yet.  Normally I just grab an apple and cut it into slices, but this is a new fun way to cut up some slices. The apple actually came out looking like a slinky.

Did it justify the cost of getting the mixer for just this?  Not really, but it is fun, and I can say that if anyone is coming over it is one of the treats I’ll make to decorate the table.  It seemed to be a fun way to get the kids to eat something new too!

IMG_2998 IMG_2997