The Camper Solution

My youngest is afraid of dogs – and my mother has lots of dogs. We had dogs growing up and they were everywhere.  Having them in the house wasn’t perfect, but it was something we put up with to see my mother. The dogs would come in and have to follow my mother everywhere, then they would try to escape every time she left and if she wasn’t in the house they would try to escape anytime we tried to go in and out.  Not making it easy for any of us.  The final straw came when the dogs brought some fleas in the house and we couldn’t get them out.  The dogs were treated, but the fleas seemed to be super fleas.  They were on everything and everywhere. We tried everything from lighted flea traps to borax acid.  We even started a contract with Terminix to try to clear the house of the fleas.  (Terminix was probably the least helpful of all)  I’m allergic to the smell of bug spray too, so it went very poorly.  We didn’t want to go through that every time my mother visited, but we wanted my mom to be able to visit… so my mother bought a camper.

My mother wanted a C Class Camper, but couldn’t find one, so she settled for a 17 foot 2017 Jayco.  The dogs seemed happy, my youngest was happy that they were staying outside, and mom had her own place.  The camper had a full bathroom with a tub and shower, kitchen, and separate bed and table.  The AC worked so well it had to be turned down each time.

My mother ended up finding a Class C a couple months after getting the Jayco, so we are now in the process of selling the Jayco and replacing it with the RV.  (Anyone know someone that wants a 2017 Jayco 17′ Camper? )