Textbooks, School Supplies and more!

This year we had to buy school supplies, lots and lots of school supplies!  Not just that, but we also had to buy textbooks.  I have to admit that personally I just get tired of trying to find everything and save.  BUT! While searching for my son’s textbook for English I came across his APA guide.  I was searching on Amazon at the time and there were no new copies.  The copies I did find started at $200 used and went up to over $600!  All for an English APA guide 6th edition.  My husband of course thought I was nuts, even when i showed him the screen.  That much money, for a book that we already had the 5th edition of was ludicrous, so I was back to searching.  I did end up finding it for just over $20, which seemed a steal by the time I found it – but it did make me wonder how parents that don’t even think about what they are buying and the cost and just put it on the ‘card’ or ‘loan’ do it?

For school supplies with everything else going on we weren’t as careful, but the $1 here and $2 there do add up.  I think by the time we got done, just on school supplies we must have spent $250 for the two kids still in school.  (Yes I threw in a couple notebooks for me, and we threw in several USB drives that were on sale because they disappear at an alarming frequency in our house)