Terra’s Kitchen – Gonna Give it a Try

Our Terra’s Kitchen box showed up last Saturday. The tag said to pull off the label and put the box back on the porch for the next business day. We put it right back out after unloading and it was gone on Monday. I loved the container! It was a large, sturdy container with hard plastic freezer packs. The freezer packs were still partly frozen and were randomly  placed around inside the box.  Each item was in an individually wrapped container and labeled.  (The only thing we did notice wrong was while making one item there was one ingredient – the cabbage and carrots shredded that had the wrong amount in the container)

I had ordered the snack of edamame, so I opened them first.  I don’t think I had tried them before – though I had soybeans growing up – direct from the field.  These were listed as just soybeans, but they looked different from the ones I remember growing up.  – Though we never tried them green, before they were ready to harvest.

I did like them!  What I found was that they cause me to itch, so those are going on the to never order again list.  I can recommend them as a snack though.  A friend suggested some different ways to eat them. – I’m probably passing them on to her.  I had included four meals besides the snack and we’ve made them all now… more on those later!  So far though the packaging is good!