Saving on Your Electric and Gas (Tips from BG Couponers Group and More)

The group on Facebook for BG Couponers is a great place to get tips!  Here are some tips from members in the group, as well as tips to go with:

  • No propane here, but I lowered my thermostat setting and unplugged as many things as possible, anything no in current use is getting unplugged or the power strips are getting turned off. Of course, we’re home all day, so stuff gets used all day… I moved my sewing upstairs so I won’t have to run the space heater in the basement.We’ve also been burning wood in the fireplace.
    I got the rebate for getting a new water heater! Of course, we bought a new one only when the old one went out.– Source Erica


  • I learned from experience some counties offer pre paid electric service they tell you the charge is the same it’s not I broke down and payed a deposit to get a normal bill and my bill was cut in half I went from paying 400 a month to around 150.00 a month – source Kadetta


  • We only have electric. We roll up throw rugs and put near bottom of doors. Use only one door to go in and out. Thermostat stays set low. Small appliances are plugged in only when in use. Computer on power strip that is turned off when not in use. Garage door open only after in car and close quickly. Try not to make any trips unless have to. – Source Alys
  • Here’s what I found with WRECC – They have levelized billing…/levelizedBilling.aspx


  • WRECC does have rebates available for updating your heat pump and water heater to energy efficient models –
  • Farmers rural electric in barren county also Allen county has pre pay accounts – Source: Kadetta And with propane depending on your credit you can get a tank and have a monthly bill I believe it is through southern states they have several locations


Tankless water heaters are available now. I haven’t checked if the credit works and most don’t heat a huge house – this one does one shower and one sink at a time.  (don’t use the shower while washing dishes or clothes) – but it is economical!  This is something I’m going to suggest when we need to update our water heater.

I also double checked the prepaid accounts – for Farmer Electric to have a prepaid account the fee is an additional $6 per month that is charged as .20 per day.  Information can be found at :

How have you reduced your electric?


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