Safe to Use the Bathroom?

A lot of discussion has been going on about the new laws saying that you must use the bathroom that is on your birth certificate.  Here’s my opinion and why I think it: The law was passed in a state of fear.  It takes into account one scenario that may or may not happen ever.  It assumes that some big burly guy is going to claim to be a woman to get a chance to peek at a woman or girl going to the bathroom.  In another similar scenario, some girl is going to enter a restroom and a big guy is going to follow her just to accost her in the bathroom.  scan0265

The lawmakers are assuming that this same big guy is going to be stopped by a sign.  A SIGN.

Now picture the scenarios I see really happening and already have:

  • A mother decides to take her boy child out to an event at the arena or auditorium.  The little boy realizes he has to go to the bathroom.  Like most little boys, he can’t hold it long…..  So the mom is faced with two two choices, send her little boy into the men’s room by himself (where predators may be and there is no supervision) or tell her little boy that he must wait until they get home (ending with wet peed clothes, them leaving early and everyone upset as the little boy is traumatized)…. Either way being a bad situation for the little boy.
  • A son takes his disabled mother out to go shopping.  She is in a wheelchair and can’t go to the restroom without help.  As they get to the store the mother realizes she must go to the restroom….  (yes she went before they left home, anyone heard of water pills) and now the mom is stuck.  The only solution to this one is the mother wearing soiled clothing home.

In my opinion what this law is doing is making a lot of people housebound.  What does this do to people that must go out with kids and disabled parents?   Do their rights not matter?  What happened to maintaining human dignity? When children and adults are forced to pee and even worse in their pants because they legally and safely can’t use a restroom.

As a parent of a little boy (mom to 3 sons) who has frequently had to take him to the restroom and he is still young enough that I would never send him into the men’s room alone, and to top it off he is an aspie and would never pee outside a restroom the whole thought of going to a state that has this law scares the bejeeves out of me! Personally I will not go to TN with my son and without my husband anymore despite it being only 25 minutes away and forget about any trips to the other states that have passed this law.   If for some reason I am forced to go to one of these states, you can bet I am looking for a Target store where some semblance of reality still exists.

Someone please explain to me when fearmongering became more important than basic human compassion?