Me Time!

I find it so easy for everyone to say ‘take some time for you’.  Yet as a mom we all know that mommy time isn’t really there.  Moms come last in their own priority list.  We can say that we know that we have to put ourselves first once in a while, but in reality a mother can’t make her kids suffer at the loss to her own sanity.

SO, it’s pretty crazy in my house.  I love how my hubby says just take some time – like it’s really possible.  Me time consists of getting to go to the grocery store alone…. LOL and even then I’m constantly checking the back seat trying to figure out who I forgot and double checking what I really needed to get for each of them.  Usually though someone wants to come along to make sure they get the snacks or other special things that they want.

Do you think mommy time is really possible?